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Hummus Platter

The Hummus Platter is BACK!

Simple healthy food that fits in your busy schedule!

Local Oil Free Hummus for Everyone

We have created the smoothest Hummus you'll ever want to eat. Available in three fresh flavors, you'll have to try it for yourself. 

Classic, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Jalapeno or Black Olive,  the choice is yours. We can GUARANTEE that you can't have just ONE bite! 

Maza crafted an OIL FREE, Gluten Free, Sugar Free and Vegan Hummus that will brighten your day. Choose what your taste buds crave and leave the rest to us!

Dont forget to try our amazing pickled Mama's Jalapeno Salsa!

Now at a Nugget Market, Raley's, Bel Air and Nob Hill near you. See our contact us page for more details

Devilled Egg
Snacks Just Got EASIER
Facebook Review - Kim Miller

I make my own hummus, however I don't need to make it anymore I will just buy it from Maza now!

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