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About Maza Hummus

Founded in 2016, Maza Hummus was brought to life by Eli Mazahreh, a Biomedical Engineer with a Masters in Business from Drexel University and a passion for making food. 

Eli associates hummus with memories from his youth. Friday mornings, having breakfast with his family and sharing meals with those most important to him. Having searched for hummus that balanced all of his favorite flavors and memories, he found none. It was then that Maza Hummus was born. Eli had always made his hummus for social gatherings, potlucks and social events, but it wasn’t until he took first place at a work Vegan competition that he decided to risk it all. He left a comfortable job as a Senior Account Executive for a large technology company in Los Angeles and moved back to Sacramento California to start his own line of business, making his hummus and sharing it with those around him. Eli strives to provide a healthy and oil free hummus. He produces 20 pound hand-made batches at a time after hand picking the ingredients for flavor and quality. This dedication to quality is driven by the three pillars on which Maza rests: family, kindness and health. In family we find comfort, in kindness we find joy and in health we find the passion to do what we love most.


Eli wanted to bring Hummus back on the map and whats better than Oil Free Hummus in Sacramento; The Farm-to-Fork Capital. 

Maza Hummus

From Our Customers



Zoe Morgan

"You really can't have one bite!!! Love the stuff!!!"

Nathan Miller

“The best Hummus in Sacramento!”


Hallie Henle 

“Delicious hummus and a delightful company! Had a taste at Nugget Market and had to buy it right away”

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